How Our Body Fights Cancer: Natural Killer Cells

Did you know that we develop "cancer" cells every day? Luckily for us cells involved in our immune system work to identify and target these cells, programming them for cell death, otherwise known as Apoptosis. One of these amazing immune cells is known as Natural Killer (NK) cells. NK cells, like all white blood cells,... Continue Reading →

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Is Organic Really Worth it? Show Me the Facts:

Patients often ask me if choosing organic foods is really worth the extra expense.  I often use the Environmental Workers Group's (EWG) comprehensive analysis on the top foods to buy organic when providing recommendations to my patients. The foods highlighted and recommended to avoid contain the highest level of calculated pesticides, when not bought organic.... Continue Reading →

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Laughter Therapy

Life can be full of stressful, hectic and difficult moments that cause us to often forget to step back and take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life, whether it be a tasty cup of herbal tea by a window or even sitting back and laughing with a couple of your girlfriends. I... Continue Reading →

Improve your Fertility Naturally

Although infertility seems to be a topic no one wants to talk about or admit to talking about, we should definitely be spending more time talking about it since according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 7.4 million adults between the ages of 15-44 struggle with becoming or staying pregnant.... Continue Reading →

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Coconut Craze

From coconut oil, coconut milk, and even coconut flour, we can definitely say  we have become crazy for coconuts. Not only is it extremely tasty but it is rich in electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids.  But did you know this coconut craze has made a serious impact on the global coconut... Continue Reading →

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PRP: Natural Anti-Aging

When it comes to aging, none of it seems appealing. Our metabolism and hormone slows down making us fatter and more tired, our collagen production also slows down leading to lovely wrinkles and cellulite, hmm yeah I would like to not have any of those things happen! So like many of you, I'm doing everything... Continue Reading →

DIY: Herbal Infusion

There is something about an elegant cup of herbal tea that can really feel comforting and warm and helps you feel just a moment of tranquality in an otherwise hectic day.  Aside from the beauty of an herbal tea, the herbs used in that cup can contain many medicinical benefits.  Many of those medicinical benefits... Continue Reading →

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