Ever feel like you can't seem to catch up with life? Well, I can definetly relate. Although I would love to take all stress and anxiety out of my patients lives (and my own), I am also realistic that sometimes life just happens and all we can do is support our body from this inevitable... Continue Reading →

Gut Protection with L-Glutamine

When you have a digestive illness, it essentially means that your delicate intestinal lining (the mucosa) is damaged, making it impossible to extract nutrients and other substances crucial for your body's biological processes. The amino acid L-Glutamine is one of these substances. A protein building block, L-Glutamine is stored in muscle where it's vital to... Continue Reading →

EWG’s Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives

The EWG (Environmental Worker's Group) is dedicated in providing consumers the most up to date information about foods, home products, beauty products and much much more. The EWG recently came out with a dirty dozen guide to food additives. With more than 10,000 food additivies currently allowed in foods according to the FDA standards, there... Continue Reading →

Research: Food and Acne

Like many teenagers, I experienced a long standing fight with acne. I can remember how much it affected my confidence. My dermatologist prescribed topical and oral treatments, masks, lasers, etc,  you name it she prescribed it and although some of the treatments would help, they would only help temporarily. Frustrated with my progress, I remember... Continue Reading →

Is Organic Really Worth it? Show Me the Facts:

Patients often ask me if choosing organic foods is really worth the extra expense.  I often use the Environmental Workers Group's (EWG) comprehensive analysis on the top foods to buy organic when providing recommendations to my patients. The foods highlighted and recommended to avoid contain the highest level of calculated pesticides, when not bought organic.... Continue Reading →

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