How this Simple Habit can Prevent Brain Fog

As summer starts to come in strong, I always like to bring up this simple but vital habit that can help prevent brain fog.  Are you drinking enough water today? Although a simple habit, with over 70% of our  body composed of water, proper hydration is critical. Every single function that our body undergoes requires... Continue Reading →

Ways to Promote your Oral Health

When it comes to your health, I often tell my patients it is important to treat the whole person.  What I mean is that in order to reach optimal health, you need to address all aspect of your health, this includes your mouth. Oral health is a huge factor when it comes to optimizing your... Continue Reading →

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Controlling your blood pressure is a very important aspect of your health. How important? Well, uncontrolled blood pressure (also known as Hypertension), is sometimes referred to as the "silent killer", this is because high blood pressure often does not have any symptoms but can become life-threatening if uncontrolled.  For women, blood pressure control is particularly... Continue Reading →

Top Natural Home Cleaning Products

Have you ever noticed the harsh smells associated with your typical house cleaning products? These typical house cleaning products not only smell strong but can actually be harmful to your health. I often tell patients to use this simple rule, " if a product says it is not safe to be used around children or... Continue Reading →

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