PRP: Natural Anti-Aging

When it comes to aging, none of it seems appealing. Our metabolism and hormone slows down making us fatter and more tired, our collagen production also slows down leading to lovely wrinkles and cellulite, hmm yeah I would like to not have any of those things happen! So like many of you, I'm doing everything... Continue Reading →

Sugar and Alzheimer’s

Step away from the sugar. Why you may ask? Well, it can actually increase your risk of developing Alzheimer's. Although there have been many studies that have provided a link between elevated blood sugar in diabetics and their risk of cognitive decline, a new study has shown that you don't need to be diabetic for... Continue Reading →

Happy and Healthy

Don't let exercise by a chore, keep it fun and exciting! When it comes to exercising there are many different ways to fit it in your schedule whether you believe me or not. My secret is planning. Planning makes all the difference. Planning takes away the chore of having to find time at the end... Continue Reading →

Benefits of Vitamin C Anti- Aging Serum

Why Vitamin C? Most people know about the powerful immune supportive benefits of Vitamin C, but did you know Vitamin C is my secret weapon when it comes to healthy glowing skin? Ascorbic Acid, commonly known as Vitamin C, is one of the most powerful antioxidants that can help protect your skin from both environmental... Continue Reading →

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