About Dr. Zen

Are you tired of going to your typical doctor and still feeling like there is more you could be doing for your health? This is where I come in, Hi everyone, I’m Dr. Zen, I am a board-certified Naturopathic physician practicing  in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. As a naturopathic doctor, I provide patients with a holistic and integrative approach that truly optimizes their health. I work with patients to provide custom treatment protocol using both standard of care medicine as well as natural medicine. The world of medicine doesn’t need to be divided and actually works best when we treat the whole person and work using an integrative approach. My main focus is women’s medicine which includes teenagers and adults going through acne and menstrual issues all the way to menopausal women using bioidentical hormonal therapies (BHRT) and beyond. I also provide supportive care to women during and post- cancer treatment. When it comes to medicine, there are more options than you may know and it is important to me to help guide you to your most optimal self!


Optimize your health naturally” – Dr. Zen


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