Tips for Exercising During the Hot Summer Months

After months inside due to cold wet weather, we often jump for joy when summer finally arrives. Not only have studies shown we often eat healthier during the summer months but we also exercise more. We often move our winter workouts from inside to the great outdoors as we can finally experience some much needed sunshine, however, it is important to think about some of these helpful tips before you move your workout outside.  These tips will help keep you safe during the hot summer months.

  1. Drink up but not just water – Hydration is a critical aspect if you plan to spend more time exercising outdoors.  You should be hydrating with water throughout the day, drinking on average about half of your body weight in ounces per day. Example: If you weight 150lb, your goal will be to drink 75 ounces of water per day. When you sweat during a workout, you not only lose water but also lose chlrodie, potassium and sodium, major electrolytes from your body. These major electrolytes are minerals that are found in your blood, urine and bodily fluids that contain an electric charge. These mineral helps maintain your body’s normal homeostasis and is why I recommend my patients use some form of electrolyte replenishing formula after an intense workout. My favorite electrolyte booster is Electrolyte Synergy by Designs for Health.  This complete and balanced electrolyte formula helps promote optimal hydration and is geared specifically for post-workout hydration. It contains all the main electrolytes as well as Vitamin C. The extra vitamin C helps support your cardiovascular system and helps build healthy collagen, which is one of the main structural elements of healthy blood vessels.
Electrolyte Synergy by Designs For Health
Hydration is Key

2. Baby Steps – Although you might be so excited to finally run outside, consider taking small runs to train your body to handle the heat before you jump right into a long run. This will help your body adapt allowing it to learn how to properly maintain  healthy blood flow as well as proper oxygenation to your body despite the warm weather. This can help prevent dehydration as well injury. 3. Gear Up – Make sure you dress properly to allow for proper ventilation. This will not ony help your body keep you cool but it will also help your skin, preventing stagnate sweating from pooling in certain areas. Proper sweating allows your body to detox optimally.

Proper Gear will increase your performance and will optimize your body’s ability to keep you cool.

4. If it’s too hot, WAIT – Make sure to listen to your body, if you are noticing you are not feeling well or can’t seem to perform as well as you do during your indoor workouts, take a break and consider exercising during the evening or later in the week when it is cooler as the extra sun exposure can lead to  rapid dehydration.  If rapid dehydration is not addressed quickly it can lead to a condition known as Heat Stroke. Heat Stroke is a condition marked by fever and often by unconsciousness, caused by a failure of the body’s temperature-regulating mechanism when exposed to excessively high temperatures. This can require immediate medical attention as it can cause serious unwanted side effects to your body.


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