Laughter Therapy

Life can be full of stressful, hectic and difficult moments that cause us to often forget to step back and take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life, whether it be a tasty cup of herbal tea by a window or even sitting back and laughing with a couple of your girlfriends. I often try to remind patients about the importance of laughter and how it is an essential aspect of not only human emotions but also it can be very therapeutic. Psychologists and researchers have now found more and more evidence that so-called”Laughter Therapy” can truly help patients cope during difficult times. The National Cancer Institute even list laughter therapy as “a way to use humor to help relieve pain and stress and improve a person’s sense of well-being. It may be used to help people cope with a serious disease, such as cancer. Laughter therapy may include laughter exercises, clowns, and comedy movies, books, games, and puzzles.” Isn’t that amazing? We can actually help relieve pain and stress by using laughter?! So take a moment to watch a funy movie or make fun memories with those you love. Your laughter may help those around you cope with personal as well as health issues they may be going through. SO LOL a little today and help make laughter the most contagious disease around!

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