Coconut Craze

From coconut oil, coconut milk, and even coconut flour, we can definitely say  we have become crazy for coconuts. Not only is it extremely tasty but it is rich in electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids.  But did you know this coconut craze has made a serious impact on the global coconut market? The increasing demands in coconuts has fueled a global surge in coconut production. From 2008 to 2014, the global demand for Philippines coconuts surged by more than 1,000%!  Not only did demands increase but research companies like Tachnavio, are tracking coconut water to become a nearly $4 billion dollar industry by 2019. With this huge surge comes worries about deforestation practices which is why knowing your brands, as well as their back story, is extremely important.  Here are a couple of tips on ways to make sure you are shopping consciously for your favorite coconut products.

  • Choose Organic or Fair-Trade Certified Brands – choosing organic is not only a better way of protecting your body from harsh pesticides but it also requires farmers to adhere to the strict farming practice that help restore and protect the normal ecological environments where farming takes place. Fair – Trade Certifications is deemed by a third-party organization, that makes sure that farmers, not the middleman, get the biggest financial benefit.
  • Choose High-Quality Cold- Pressed or Raw Oils – This is where quality really does matter. Choosing high-quality cold- pressed oils contain higher levels of naturally occurring polyphenols . Polyphenols have been shown to help reduce inflammation therefore reducing the risk of chronic inflammatory conditions including Cardiovascular diseases, Type II Diabetes, Cancer and Neurodegenerative diseases to name a few.
  • Consider Coconut Powder – Coconut Powder comes from dehydrating coconut milk and water at the source. By dehydrating the liquids, it decreases the packaging waste as well as lowers fossil fuels used to ship the product. The best part is you can take the powder wherever you go and all you need to do is add cold water to make your delicious coconut water.

Favorite Brands: Below are just a couple of my favorite go- to brands that help me protect the coconut market while still enjoying the amazing benefits that coconuts bring to our health:

  • Harmless Harvest -it is not only super tasty but also turns pink as the antioxidants in the coconut water interact with light.
  • Essona Organics has amazing USDA certified organic coconut milk powder that is raw, pure and vegan.
  • Big Tree Farms Organic Coco Aminos – if you are looking for a soy sauce alternative check out this amazing product! It uses certified organic and fair- trade certified coconut nectar to create this healthy and tasty alternative.

So next time you reach for your favorite coconut product make sure it protects not only you but the farmers involved in creating these amazing products.



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