Recent Study: People With Sinus Infections Stay on Antibiotics Too Long

When it comes to sinus infections (sinusitis),  a recent study revealed that physicians may be prescribing antibiotics for longer than appears necessary. The study found that many doctors are often prescribing antibiotics for a treatment course of 10 days or longer, even though infectious disease doctors are recommending antibiotics in the treatment of uncomplicated sinus infection for only 5-7 days. The researchers examined data from a national sample that represented approximately 3.7 million adults being treated for sinusitis with antibiotics in 2016 alone. 70% of those were prescribed for 10 days or longer. The reason this study is important is because it shows that it is not only important to use the right antbiotics but it also shows that the overuse of antibiotics could lead to an increase in antibiotic – resistant infections.  Antibiotic- resistance occurs when bacteria develops the ability to bypass drugs originally designed to kill bacteria. This makes the bacteria resistant and makes it much more difficult for physicians to treat antibiotic resistant infections. This is why I often use natural therapies when possible and save antibiotics for more difficult cases.

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