How Plastic Straws are Killing our Oceans

Part of being a naturopathic doctor is protecting our bodies from harmful chemicals and toxins. Another part of being a naturopath is protecting our environment so we can continue to have access to the amazing treasures our earth provides us. These amazing treasures include plants that provide us truly exceptional health benefits that we still have so much to learn from. This is why I am so passionate about doing all that I can to help our environment. One of ways we can help protect our environment is by participating in the #stopsucking Strawless Ocean Campaign.  Did you know that on average we use over 500 million straws everday in the US alone?!  That’s every Monday, every Tuesday and well you get the picture. Not only do we use an enormous amount of straws, but many of those straws end up in our oceans, disrupting and destroying marine life. If we do not act on this problem now, by 2050 we are expected  to have more straw in the ocean than fish! So do your good deed and ask resturants, coffee shops and so on to not include a straw in your beverages.  Together we can work to help protect our beautiful oceans.

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