Top Natural Home Cleaning Products

Have you ever noticed the harsh smells associated with your typical house cleaning products? These typical house cleaning products not only smell strong but can actually be harmful to your health. I often tell patients to use this simple rule, ” if a product says it is not safe to be used around children or pets, you should probably not have it in your house in the first place“.  The U.S. Poison Control Center even reported that household cleaning products caused about 10% of all the toxic exposures seen in children, adults and pets. That means not only are we causing our own toxic exposures but it also means it is something within our control that we can fix.

So what products should you toss and what natural cleaning products can you use instead that actually work? Luckily, there is an amazing organization known as the Environmental Workers Group (EWG), that rates products based on their safety for consumers and the environment. With over 507 all-purpose cleaners, 112 companies and 81 brands currently available on the market, going through each individual product can be very overwhelming. Luckily the EWG, rates each products allowing you to choose the most natural products available keeping you and your family safe from unnecessary toxins.

EWG rates each product on a letter scale (A –F). Products that are rated as “A”, are considered the lowest in toxicity to your health and your environment. This is the category of products you should be shopping for. Below is a list of some of the “A” brands you should consider:



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