Best Abs Naturally

Dr. Zen’s Daily Tip: You probably have heard that if you want great abs it means you have to do a million crunches and drool over all those Instagram pics..hmm well actually the easiest way to get great abs doesn’t even start in the gym, it actually starts in your kithen. The foods you eat and the diet you follow will be the deciding factor when it comes to getting you flat, defined abs. So here’s the basics you need to know, your main goal is to control your insulin levels throughout the day. That means picking foods that don’t have added sugars that would normally cause insulin spikes, which then lead to those calories being stored as fats #nothanks. Secondly, pick foods that actually help you burn fats, this includes high protein foods. Thirdly, if you really want those abs you gotta cut out the alcohol. Alcohol is like self-sabotage when it comes to getting a flat stomach. Sticking to these basic rules will help you maximize your success and get you Instagram ready abs.

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